Hydraulic Products

Plant Lifting Jacks

Automatic Welding manufactures hydraulic "run on" lifting jacks for portable crushers,screens and feeders. These cylinders are used to setup plants for the production mode, and lower plant or equipment for travel in short time. The ability to process material while sitting on these jacks is possible without blocking. They are also used to raise and lower large fuel tanks for transport, and aid in the setup of portable scales. Often used now in the design of modular sections of the aggregate plant, separate crushers, screens, sand screws which can be easily setup for different configurations.

plant-lifting-jack fuel tank ready for transport

Clamping and nitrogen relief cylinders for Symons cone crushers

Hydraulic clamping of bowl threads with gear and pinion adjustment of CSS.
Nitrogen over oil relief & clearing cylinders allow for tramp metal protection. The clearing of crushing chamber can be completed safely. No cutting torches or lances required. Hydraulic clearing can now be used to open bowl setting, remove loose iron and reset for production.

Adjust and nitrogen relief for roll crushers

Hydraulic/relief cylinder replaces the tension springs on each roll shaft mounting.
Gap setting and tension are set with cylinders and hydraulic power unit.
Nitrogen over oil for relief & closed setting control.

Adjust-and-nitrogen-relief-for-roll-crushersrelief cylinder